Easy-tearing packaging

Easy-tearing film is derided from 1990s in Europe and the factor is to reduce the hurt to the kids and solve the problem of hard-opening of plastic packaging. Afterwards, easy-tearing is not only used for children’s products packaging, but also medical packaging, food packaging and pet food packaging etc. Compared with the normal plastic packaging, easy-tearing film has big advantages by the performance.

Easy-tearing film has low tearing strength and is easily to tear at either horizontal or vertical directions. Under the condition of ensuring the sealing airtightness, the consumers can open the packaging more easily with less strength and no powder and liquid overflowing. It brings pleasant experience to the consumers when they are opening the packaging. Moreover, easy-tearing film requires quite low sealing temperature in the production, which can satisfy the demand of high speed packaging and reduce the production cost at the same time.

Coffee is popularly welcome by the consumers in the market. At present, coffee packaging is including sachets, cans and bottles. The coffee manufacturers use sachets more than the other two types. But some consumers find that some packaging sachets is difficult to open.

Considering the characteristics of coffee, the packaging should be the material structures with high-barrier, good airtightness and excellet sealing strength in case the leaking may happen. 3-layer or 4-layer material for packaging is commonly applied . Some material has more tenacity so that the packaging is not easy to tear.


Huiyang Packaging is dedicated to develop the easy-tearing packaging since many years ago. This kind of packaging can easily tearing and opening at any direct of the packaging film.Not only for coffee packaging, easy-tearing packaging can meet the demand of the children’s packaging, cosmetics packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. In the near future, Huiyang will develop more convenient packaging for the market.


Post time: Feb-08-2023